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Footwear - Top 10 Fastest Growing Brands on Facebook - May 2019

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Crocs Edit

Category:  Footwear


Facebook 5,290,818 Likes
Pinterest 13,146 Followers
Twitter 77,640 Followers
YouTube 6,758 Subscribers
Instagram 488,229 Followers
 P   G   S   B   All   Platinum: 100,000 and more Fans
Rank FB Brand Name Likes New Likes Growth Posts Comments C-Rate Post Likes P-Rate Shares S-Rate Total Rate
Rank FB Brand Name Likes New Likes Growth Posts Comments C-Rate P-Likes P-Rate Shares S-Rate Total Rate

Footwear - Best Performing Posts on Facebook - May 2019


Top Posts displays the #1 best performing posts for each of the brands you are tracking for the past 30 days. The system displays the brand with the highest performance first and then continues high to low. Brands stats are updated daily and Top Posts will reflect any changes in rankings. See exactly which tactics, photo layouts, plug-ins, promotions, contests were used to achieve their top performing posts. Adopt those top performing tactics into your posting calendar to increase your brand’s engagement. Always stay current on new social posting tactics, tools, and trends.

Post-Likes 23,517 View All Posts

Post-Likes 23,517

Comments 601

Share 321

Engage 24,439

Post-Likes 10,055 View All Posts

Post-Likes 10,055

Comments 81

Share 91

Engage 10,227

Post-Likes 2,186 View All Posts

Post-Likes 2,186

Comments 1,222

Share 1,429

Engage 4,837

Post-Likes 6,054 View All Posts

Post-Likes 6,054

Comments 1,630

Share 353

Engage 8,037

Post-Likes 749 View All Posts

Post-Likes 749

Comments 78

Share 167

Engage 994

Post-Likes 1,931 View All Posts

Post-Likes 1,931

Comments 18

Share 96

Engage 2,045

Post-Likes 2,310 View All Posts

Post-Likes 2,310

Comments 2

Share 10

Engage 2,322

Post-Likes 2,797 View All Posts

Post-Likes 2,797

Comments 70

Share 254

Engage 3,121

Post-Likes 528 View All Posts

Post-Likes 528

Comments 22

Share 24

Engage 574

Post-Likes 3,875 View All Posts

Post-Likes 3,875

Comments 997

Share 1,146

Engage 6,018

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