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Beauty - Top 10 Fastest Growing Brands on Facebook - May 2018

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Wet N Wild Edit

Category:  Beauty


Facebook 2,360,263 Likes
Pinterest 13,023 Followers
Twitter 267,897 Followers
Instagram 2,129,347 Followers
 P   G   S   B   All   Platinum: 100,000 and more Fans
Rank FB Brand Name Likes New Likes Growth Posts Comments C-Rate Post Likes P-Rate Shares S-Rate Total Rate
Rank FB Brand Name Likes New Likes Growth Posts Comments C-Rate P-Likes P-Rate Shares S-Rate Total Rate

Beauty - Best Performing Posts on Facebook - May 2018


Top Posts displays the #1 best performing posts for each of the brands you are tracking for the past 30 days. The system displays the brand with the highest performance first and then continues high to low. Brands stats are updated daily and Top Posts will reflect any changes in rankings. See exactly which tactics, photo layouts, plug-ins, promotions, contests were used to achieve their top performing posts. Adopt those top performing tactics into your posting calendar to increase your brand’s engagement. Always stay current on new social posting tactics, tools, and trends.

Post-Likes 107,313 View All Posts

Post-Likes 107,313

Comments 47

Share 37

Engage 107,397

Post-Likes 118,076 View All Posts

Post-Likes 118,076

Comments 1,644

Share 12,700

Engage 132,420

Post-Likes 107,931 View All Posts

Post-Likes 107,931

Comments 599

Share 1,308

Engage 109,838

Post-Likes 54,117 View All Posts

Post-Likes 54,117

Comments 129

Share 480

Engage 54,726

Post-Likes 10,678 View All Posts

Post-Likes 10,678

Comments 328

Share 75

Engage 11,081

Post-Likes 19,275 View All Posts

Post-Likes 19,275

Comments 291

Share 336

Engage 19,902

Post-Likes 6,825 View All Posts

Post-Likes 6,825

Comments 380

Share 5,208

Engage 12,413

Post-Likes 12,778 View All Posts

Post-Likes 12,778

Comments 467

Share 2,005

Engage 15,250

Post-Likes 931 View All Posts

Post-Likes 931

Comments 15

Share 46

Engage 992

Post-Likes 6,505 View All Posts

Post-Likes 6,505

Comments 209

Share 2,837

Engage 9,551

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